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Monday, June 11, 2018

Alphabet Matchbox Tea: Design Thinking

Alphabet Matchbox Tea was a result of one of our experiments for creating innovative packaging with respect to an FMCG product under Bizongo Design Lab. We started by picking tea as the primary product and built our idea of adding layers in implications to how it was packaged, one step at a time.

We began with the concept of merging alphabets with tea, so that your tea can be customised according to each letter from A-Z (we took the creative liberty of inventing fictitious flavours of tea to make that happen) It was later that we thought of combining this with matchboxes and phillumeny because why not! The thought of having a collection of 26 exotic teas in matchboxes in an exclusive and elaborate fashion as a gift to any tea connoisseur excited us. We relished creating the list and discovering the dimensions of our everyday drink - from bizarre ones like X tea (always surprises you with the flavour it holds. Every pack has a new one!) and usual suspects like ‘C for Chamomile Tea’ to interesting ones like W for White Monkey tea (named so because the tea leaves resemble the white paw of the monkey). To see the development of the concept of this collector's edition, we went ahead and created paper prototypes surrounding 4 letters and suggested how the entire set would work through a line diagram.

Since all of us have seen quaint Indian matchboxes and how they visually look, the aim here was to try and steer away from our idea of those and build a visual language that allows us to experiment with typography and geometry with respect to each tea flavour.

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