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Multimedia Storyteller

I am Sandhya Ramachandran, a multimedia storyteller who helps brands across the globe express themselves through engaging narratives. A passionate advocate of location independence, I believe in changing the way the world works, one story at a time. I hold a Post Graduate diploma in Film and Video Communication from the National Institute of Design and a Bachelors degree in Architecture. Based out of Mumbai (Bombay), India, I work remotely as the Brand and Editorial Manager at Mogul Tech International. Having co-founded Re.Now,in November 2017, I am also engaged in building the online mentorship platform that will allow you to learn from experienced remote workers to start your location independent life. I would love to connect with brands and creators to explore ways to collaborate.


Co-Founder, RE.NOW

Nov 2017-Present

Re.Now was conceptualized in November 2017 as part of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon with a vision to assist people who were keen to embrace a location independent lifestyle, through mentorship. Role: Founder; Heading customer service, outreach, marketing and communication operations while sharing responsibilities of hiring, business development and mentor on-boarding with other core team members.

Freelance Copywriter for scripts, VARIOUS


As part of the Concept and Content team, I worked for Curiouser, Girgit Studios, etc., on various video scripts

Brand and Editorial Manager, MOGUL TECH INTERNATIONAL

Sep 2017-Apr 2018

As part of a 100% remote team, helped startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises with Branding and Marketing solutions to create their unique voice. Additionally, managed the MTI brand content, social channels and the 'Moguls at Work' community.

Content and Design Lead, BIZONGO

June 2015-Oct 2017

Headed the Bizongo Design Labs, interacting directly with customers who required packaging design. Acting as the design liaison, worked along with the in-house business development executive to successfully deliver to client needs. One of our greatest achievements was launching the Rakhi box set and Bournville box set for Mondelez, India. Additionally, we identified packaging gaps in the industry and innovated on interesting packaging ideas to create a series of new designs. Earlier, worked in the role of a Content Strategist, devising innovative marketing campaigns and content strategies to create a unique voice for Bizongo across channels.

Social Media Manager - Consultant, ROAM COLIVING

July-Nov 2016

Helped build a global community of supporters for the location independence and coliving movement. As the first point of contact for location and press leads, responded to their queries and directed them to the appropriate in-house teams. Engaged with aspiring Roamers and coliving enthusiasts over social messages. Additionally, structured blog and social media best practices playbooks, maintained the editorial calendar, and contributed content to the Roam blog.

Indian Cinema Expert (Independent Contractor), ABOUT.COM

Oct 2015- Sep 2016

Launched and managed Created original and engaging content including interviews, film reviews, opinion pieces, listicles, etc., and showcased Indian cinema on a global platform.


2014 - 2015

Spearheaded the website relaunch by collaborating with the US, UK and Budapest teams of Disney as part of the Matterhorn Project. Worked with Indian stakeholders to understand their requirement, and along with a team of developers and designers, constructed the website from scratch, incorporating the Matterhorn CMS and Kaltura CMS. Produced the Bindass and bPlay websites as part of the same team. Conceptualized digital content for Bindass Naach show before its launch and maintained the immensely popular Bindass Facebook Channel.

Creative Content Lead, SHOP YOUR WORLD

2013 - 2014

Developed the voice for all aspects of the organization's online presence by leading a team of in-house and freelance writers and designers in addition to writing, editing and proofreading site, social and promotional content. Carried out a massive online reputation management campaign. Apart from launching eight blogs in this effort, we regularly addressed social queries and communicated with customers online.

City Manager, BURRP

2012 - 2014

Managed city-wide community and client building activities for Chennai and later, Ahmedabad. Created city-specific multimedia content, and organized various online contests and offline events for community building. Collaborating with the sales teams, explored marketing tie-ups and sponsorship opportunities with the food and beverage industry in the cities. Highlights: Planned and executed the Chef's table in Chennai in Oct 2012 where selected burrp users dined with the Chefs on a special menu. This was in collaboration with the Taj Group of Hotels, Hyatt Regency and Oriental Cuisines etc.

Senior Research Associate, Storyteller, STORYTRAILS

May - July 2011

Scripted, researched and designed trails. Trained as a storyteller for trails for kids. Highlight: Conceived and organized the Treasure Hunt with the team for visually challenged kids in association with Standard Chartered Bank.

Freelance Writer

2004 - Present

As a freelancer, I worked as the Local Expert for Chennai, researched on the city and its various aspects to draw the entire framework for information on which the Google Trips app content was developed by En Veritas Group. Written on diverse topics like culture, films, food, lifestyle, current affairs, architecture, literature, music etc., for online and offline publications including The Hindu, Lanka Monthly Digest, LIVING magazine, Roam Coliving Blog, Deccan Chronicle,, Burrp, Storytrails, etc.

Freelance Filmmaker

2008 - Present

Shot and Directed the TEDx talk in 2015 by Dhruv Raj Sharma, Founder, Logophilia Education at IIM Rohtak. Directed corporate films for, Disney, Bizongo, etc.Shot many documentary and fiction short-films that have been shortlisted and screened in several national and international film festivals such as 9th IAWRT, 12th ISIFF-Dhaka, FTII, 6th CIFF, FFI, etc.



Hire me to write an article, conjure copy for an ad, write a song for your band or a book about your brand. If you want words, let's talk


Let me help you showcase your brand's true voice through engaging multimedia narratives in the form of videos, blogs, illustrations and more


Be it on Slack or Facebook Groups, let's find the best way to connect with your customers to increase brand engagement


Need someone to solve design problems? Want the devil's advocate? Are you in need of career advice? I'm at your service


I can conduct specially curated workshops on writing, design thinking and community building!


Commission me to bring out visually vibrant stories on postcards, calendars, coasters, books, switchboards (yes, I have done that), etc.


Alphabet Matchbox Tea: Design Thinking

Alphabet Matchbox Tea was a result of one of our experiments for creating innovative packaging with respect to an FMCG product under Bizongo Design Lab. We started by picking tea as the primary product and built our idea of adding layers in implications to how it was packaged, one step at a time.

We began with the concept of merging alphabets with tea, so that your tea can be customised according to each letter from A-Z (we took the creative liberty of inventing fictitious flavours of tea to make that happen) It was later that we thought of combining this with matchboxes and phillumeny because why not! The thought of having a collection of 26 exotic teas in matchboxes in an exclusive and elaborate fashion as a gift to any tea connoisseur excited us. We relished creating the list and discovering the dimensions of our everyday drink - from bizarre ones like X tea (always surprises you with the flavour it holds. Every pack has a new one!) and usual suspects like ‘C for Chamomile Tea’ to interesting ones like W for White Monkey tea (named so because the tea leaves resemble the white paw of the monkey). To see the development of the concept of this collector's edition, we went ahead and created paper prototypes surrounding 4 letters and suggested how the entire set would work through a line diagram.

Since all of us have seen quaint Indian matchboxes and how they visually look, the aim here was to try and steer away from our idea of those and build a visual language that allows us to experiment with typography and geometry with respect to each tea flavour.

Kaju Kathli Tangram: Design Ideation

In India, sweets are a big deal during festivals and as we grew up, we may not have understood why we celebrated a particular festival, but we surely recalled every one of them with the sweet or savoury associated with it. Hence when it came to designing packaging based around sweets in Bizongo Design Lab, we picked Kaju Katli, our all time favourite. 

In this project, we tried to challenge the stereotypical idea of a diamond shaped/ square Kaju Katli, and decided to have it cut according to what the concept demanded. Another thought that was in our minds was about how all the sweet boxes were discarded once people consumed the sweets. And considering the amount of sweets we consume as a nation, that’s a lot of boxes we are talking about! So we began thinking in a direction that attracted interactiveness in packaging so that people see value in retaining it. We wanted something unique and with an element of fun that usually went hand-in-hand with festivity, and that is when we hit upon the idea of tangrams. A Tangram is a Chinese geometrical puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes.

What could these Chinese puzzles have anything to do with Kaju Katlis? Nothing until now, but there are many advantages this presents. Firstly, it is great that once the sweet is consumed, the packaging becomes an interactive plaything. Tangrams are for all ages and hence transcend to becoming a family game. Received too many Kaju Katli boxes? No problem! The game gets bigger and better. Add the tans and make more interesting shapes out of your imagination.

Another advantage is that these seven tans would divide the bigger box into seven smaller boxes, making it easier to share or allot sweets to a large family or the diet conscious. So we went ahead and prototyped one such box. Challenging convention again, we decided to have a big black box of these tangram sized boxes with a silver ribbon that resonated with the shimmery silver that we usually find on Kaju Katlis. Along with that, a small square insert detailing the game and giving a few interesting shapes that one could try was placed within the box.

Voice-over Copy: RK University

RK University is busy making pioneering steps into education, backing their students beyond graduation day and making knowledge an exciting hands-on journey. We came on board to discover these wonderful values that drive them.Client : R K University (
Director : Anoodha Kunnath
D.A : Rosanna Abrachan
Voice over script : Rosanna Abrachan, Sandhya Ramachandran
Animation and design : Neerav Doshi
Sound design and mixing: Dawn Vincent
Voice talent : Aarti S, Anuroop Nair

Featured in Ads of The World:

Voice-over Copy: Sanskara School

Client : Sanskara School, Ernakulam (
Production : Curiouser
Design and Animation : Neerav Doshi
Voice-over copy : Sandhya Ramachandran
Voice : Anuroop Nair
Direction : Anoodha Kunnath
Music : Piano, J Dickinson , Envato Market

Featured in: Ads of the World (

Lyrics, Concept and Content: Nextgen Mario

Talentica Software is an innovative outsourced product development company that helps startups builds their own products. They hired Pune based Girgit Studios to create an innovative and inspiring video to encourage entrepreneurs to chase their dream.

As part of the Concept and Content team, I worked for the inimitable Girgit Studios on this project. What was additionally fulfilling about this project is the fact that beyond the conceptualising, I also penned the lyrics for the song featured in the video with Jishnav Iyer.

Client: Talentica Software
Production, Design and Animation: Girgit Studios

Writing Samples

Find below a list of published works.

The Hindu
Why storytelling will never be passé: on the trend of growing online readership
On Digital Narratives
Appeared in the front page of the The Hindu Metro Plus Supplement on May 8, 2018, print and online editions

Where Words Took Centrestage 
At the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival 2012, Jan 20-24, Jaipur
Appeared as the centerspread in The Hindu supplement on Feb 1, 2012 print edition

Roam Coliving Blog
Coliving, Community, And The Future Of Work 
Towards an Untethered Globe

Living Magazine, Sri Lanka (Illustration Columnist)
Lanka Monthly Digest Magazine, Sri Lanka (Feature Columnist)
Find scanned copies of the published works here Bollywood & Indian Cinema Section
Owing to the complete rebranding of, all old sites, including the Bollywood and Indian Cinema site, were pulled down.
Find a compilation of my film writing here
My Film critic page on Review Monk

The Curious Reader
The Delightful And The Dark: Exploring Roald Dahl’s Adult Fiction

Books and Wanderlust: Buying Books While Travelling

Packaging of the World
Fragrances Meets Words: An Ode To Perfume Using Packaging
A write-up on a design project executed on behalf of Bizongo

Gems and Jewellery Times
Feb-Mar 2015 issue
Printing with Gold (Pg. 78 onwards)

Bizongo Blog
Playing with Food Packaging: The Kaju Katli Tangram Edition
A cup of our Alphabettea and some crumpets, please!
Money envelopes: More bang for your buck
Plastic Goes to Space

Owing to rebranding, all old links have been changed and some articles lost forever. Find a compilation of my work for burrp on my blog, The Polished Morsel
Some of the articles that still remain online:
Chef Appeal: Talking about vegetarianism, Viagra and more: Interview with Chef Ethem Aydemir
Labour of Love: The Sabarmati Jail Bhajiya House
Review of Kaapicheenu

Creative Tribes Blog
Collaboration: Why and How to Do It in the Internet Age

The Viewspaper
Hussain Doshi Gufa
(Published in my column ‘Voices in my head’)

Spark Magazine
Complete list of articles

The publication’s shut down since. I’ve compiled all my articles on this Chennaiist Wordpress blog

Storytrails Blog
Watch Mittai, Panju Mittai, Soan Papdi
Snacks of the past
Down the lanes of the past – Thinnais

LinkedIn Jobscapes Series 
To The In-Betweeners: A Complete Guide To Smartly Survive The Time Between Jobs
Featured in: Careers: The Next Level and India sections of Pulse and has 20,577 Views, 1508 likes, 133 Comments and 230 shares

The Complete List of Things You Should Never Do When Applying For Jobs
13,722 Views 580 Likes 90 Comments 94 Shares

What To Find Out About Your Future Employer Before You Sign Up
6,676 Views  521 Likes 34 Comments 84 Shares

Opinion Pieces on Medium 
A Tamil Girl Writes To Bollywood
Listed as Top 100 articles read around the world on Medium in the month of May 2014 with 69000 views

Nearing 30, Unmarried and Clueless!
Written as part of the #BeingaModernIndianWoman archive

The Ten Commandments of How to Love in the Indian subcontinent
Republished as The Ten Commandments of Love for Indians by Jodi Logik

Standing for Nationalism

Why Linklater and Boyhood deserved the Best Director and more at the Oscars

The Greatest Is Gone: An ode to Sports Writer Nirmal Shekar

In the Name of the Lord

How Sopranos Changed My Perception on Writing


I have really enjoyed collaborating with Sandhya over the past 6 months! I chose her to be one of 10 community leaders in Buffer's Slack community of over 4,000 members, and she continuously impresses me with her thoughtfulness, creative ideas, and desire to positively impact the people around her. She truly has a deep intuition about and understanding of what it means to build community. Sandhya brings an amazing enthusiasm and a positive energy to all of her interactions and I know she'd be an asset to any team!

Arielle Tannenbaum

Community strategist at Buffer. Experience designer

Sandhya is a pure talent, full of passion towards her work. She is one of the few individuals who can grasp any subject extremely well and is lightning fast in executing any project. She is a detail oriented, futuristic fantastic professional who understands the international scheme of things in media like a hawk! She is a great colleague to have in your team.

Aftab Sheikh

Associate Director and Head - Consumer/Digital Technology at Walt Disney India

Sandhya is creatively versatile, extremely talented and easily one of the best people to work with. As a mentor and manager, she has motivated the team towards producing responsible quality work. Bubbling with ideas, from content topics, photography, graphic designs to even giving voice overs and editing videos, Sandhya is committed to her work.

Vartika Gupta

Content Marketer at Bizongo

I found that Sandhya is a highly vibrant professional who has the ability to dissipate her enthusiasm into her readers. Sandhya indulges with people, place and food, hence they get a lot of attention in her works. I believe her passion to CREATE and willingness to COLLABORATE makes her a good team player. I always envied her spirit to express and picked up couple of narrating techniques from her. Sandhya, keep up the good work of enriching human life.

Maruthu Pandian

Corporate Housing Professional and Media Enthusiast

Sandhya is very focused, hardworking and creative film maker. Her vision for the Diploma film project and team spirit inspired all team members. Sandhya is very articulative and she a brilliant writer. She will be an asset wherever she goes!

Sanchari Mahapatra

Designer, Colors and Materials at Karma Automotive LLC

Sandhya is one of most talented people I have came across. Cool, Smart, Professional and crazy about her dreams. I personally recommend her. She is a strong team player and super smart task finisher.

Nikhil Lad

Data Engineer at Udio- A product from TranServ

Sandhya's creative and innovative thinking and inputs, along with being a good team player can be a great asset to any project. I had once used her as an Anchor in a Pilot Episode for a private channel. Her grasp and understanding of the media was good.

Jagadish Prasad

Head of Product Development at Gyalizo Ke

Sandhya is a great friend of mine who strives for excellence in her work. Her attention to details is one of her key strengths and she always seeks out ways to provide optimal value. Sandhya is a very motivated, talented and resourceful individual who makes things happen. She is a strategic thinker who can create tactically, and can manage and develop things ready for execution. She is an excellent asset to any organization. She knows how to get the job done!

Sadhana Bhagat

Vice President - Design at

Mumbai, India


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